Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter not Connecting? – Troubleshoot Now

microsoft wireless display adapter troubleshooting


Is your Microsoft wireless display adapter not connecting? Are you facing numerous issues with the adapter? Sometimes, the answer may be simple, and we hope it is in your case but other times, it could be complicated. However, before you panic, it is important to try Microsoft wireless display adapter troubleshooting yourself. If all fails, you can talk to the professionals.

How To Fix Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter not Connecting?

Here, we have compiled a series of troubleshooting options that you could go with when your Microsoft wireless display adapter doesn’t connect:

Option-1: Make sure it is connected right

As aforementioned, sometimes the solution is very simple. It is possible that you didn’t connect your adapter correctly. Try disconnecting it from both ends and reconnecting it. Remember, the adapter works through the USB port, and this must be connected. The other end, of course, is plugged into the HDMI port of your device (monitor, TV, projector, etc.) You might need a USB extension cord if the length is not enough.

Here, you should remember that MS wireless display adapter won’t connect to Android devices. Only the new adapted connects to a few Android devices. So, if you have an Android device, make sure it is compatible.

 Option-2: Is your device updated?

If the connections seem fine and you are still facing issues, maybe there are other problems.

Now, another simple reason could be that your Windows 10 device isn’t updated. So, you should quickly just take a look at the available updates for Windows and make sure your device isn’t lagging behind.

Remember, once you install the updates you will have to restart your device for the updates to reflect.

Option-3: Switch the adapter off and back on

A simple restart of the adapter can make things fall into place. If you haven’t tried it already, please do so!

Option-4: Reset Microsoft wireless display adapter

Near the wired connection on the adapter, you will see a small reset button. Press it and hold for around 10 seconds or until the LED light blinks.

Once the device is ready to connect (you will receive a message) you should go to the Action Center and choose Connect to select Microsoft wireless display adapter.

Option-5: Is the firmware updated?

If the device is connecting fine, but on the second screen, you don’t see what’s on your device, your firmware probably needs to be updated.

Simply download the MS wireless display adapter app if you haven’t already done it and check the settings. Install the new firmware update, and you will see instructions on the screen that you can follow without second thoughts.

Option-6: The wireless frequency band may not be in sync

2.4 GHz and 4GHz are the only two frequencies on which the adapter can communicate. However, the 2.4GHz band has to be enabled at all times. Check if it is disabled on your device.

Option-7: Your Windows 10  Intel HD Graphics driver may be at fault

If none of the above suggestions has worked in your favor and your Microsoft wireless display adapter won’t connect even now, you might have to think about your Intel HD graphics driver. Any fault in this will also prevent proper connection.

Uninstall your driver and install it back again to see if this works for you.

Option-8: Your Wi-Fi driver may also be at fault

If your graphics driver is fine, you might want to check your Wi-Fi driver. Uninstall and reinstall it to see if that works.

Anything else?

If all your Microsoft wireless display adapter troubleshooting solutions do not work and your Windows 10 wireless display is not working even now, you may need to call professionals to help you out. Make sure you call only certified professionals.

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