How to Use Miracast to Mirror from Windows or Android?

How to Use Miracast to Mirror from Windows or Android

Ok, you got the best Miracast dongle for screencasting. But how exactly will you mirror your display from your system? Today, I will guide you on screen mirroring from your Windows or Android device.

Let’s see the working of the Miracast technology first.

Miracast Screencasting

You can use the Miracast dongle with any supported device like a computer monitor, TV, etc. After that, you can mirror the screen of your devices like PC, phone or tablet. This means you can view the media, documents, etc. of your smaller device on a bigger screen.

Not only this, but you can also attach a Miracast-compatible screen as a second monitor to your PC. The base of this technology is the WiFi Direct (WiDi) ability that gives you relief from using a router and makes point-to-point connections between various compatible devices.

Is your device compatible with screen mirroring?

Before going to the steps of using Miracast for Windows or Android, check whether your device is compatible for wireless screen mirroring or not. For this;

For Android users,

Drop down the notification menu from the top of your screen. See for the icon with ‘Screen Mirroring.’ If it’s not there, then open the ‘Display’ menu in your ‘Phone Settings’ because many Android devices do not show all the icons on the main notification screen. Look for the ‘Wireless Display’ or ‘Cast Screen’ or ‘Wireless Mirroring’ options. If you can see this, that means your device is capable for screen mirroring.

For Windows 10 users,

  • Press Windows + R key to open the run box.
  • Type ‘dxdiag’ and click on ‘Ok.’
  • Now click on the button ‘Save all Information’ and select your location to save the text file.
  • Open the file and see whether it is showing the Miracast capability.


For connecting Miracast to your TV, go to settings and enable it by following the instructions.

How to Use Miracast to Mirror from Windows 10?

Follow the steps below to connect the Miracast to your Windows 10 PC and set it up for screen mirroring.


Attach the Miracast dongle to the HDMI port of your TV system.


Press Windows + S key and type ‘Settings’ in your Windows PC.


Open the settings menu and go to ‘Devices’ option.



Now click on ‘Connected devices’ tab.


Click on ‘Add a device’ and then choose your WiDi receiver


That’s it. Now your Miracast device is synchronized with your Windows PC, and you can enjoy the contents of your monitor on your TV. All the Windows OS have similar processes to mirror the screen with just difference in some menu names.

How to Use Miracast to Mirror from Android?

Follow the steps below to connect your Android device to your TV and mirror the screen of it.


Attach the Miracast dongle to your TV.


Open the settings menu on your device.


Go to ‘Display’ tab.


Miracast to Mirror from Android


Select ‘Cast Screen’ option.


Open the menu and tick the box of ‘Enable Wireless Display.’


Now, the phone will search for any nearby wireless screen mirroring device and display on the screen. Tap on the appropriate device from the list.

Enable Wireless Display


Enjoy the screen mirroring on your TV or monitor from your Android device.

In the End

If you see a stretched image on your TV while you mirror the screen of your smartphone or laptop, then you can fix this issue from the TV’s settings. If the display settings are set to zoom or stretch, then change them to dot-by-dot basis.   

Check the official site to see a list of devices compatible with the Miracast technology. You can also see the manufacturer’s documentation to get the knowledge about the Miracast implementation with it.

If you get any issue connecting or mirroring the content from your device, then it should not be the fault of the wireless router or the ISP, but your device may refusing the connection. So follow the process once again and then check if it works correctly.

Let me know if you know any better way than this for Miracast wireless screen mirroring from Android or Windows systems.

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