How to Turn off Chromecast?- The Simplest Method

How to Turn off Chromecast

There may be a few circumstances where you just want to leave your Google Chromecast plugged in. But, there also may some scenarios while you want to take this device with you during travel or on vacation. For this, you need to turn off Chromecast and remove it from your TV. Today, I will guide you through the most straightforward method on how to disconnect from Chromecast.

What is Google Chromecast?

You know that the Chromecast is a top-class casting device invented by Google which plays any media content from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, and other media services. You just need to attach it to your TV through a USB cable and then you can control it through your smartphone or computer. You can also play any content of Google Chrome browser on a Chromecast enabled TV.

It has a similar kind of functionality to a Miracast dongle which mirrors your smartphone or laptop screen on a bigger TV.

How Do You Turn Off Chromecast?

Mechanically, there is no any switch on the Chromecast device to turn it off. Then how do you turn off Chromecast? Well, you need to disable it and then unplug it from your TV. You can directly disconnect it from your TV or power source to turn it off, but you should do it a proper manner to maintain its durability and performance. Let’s find it how:

  • Turn off your TV in which you have attached the device

The Chromecast will now go into standby mode. Also, when you choose any other input than Chromecast in your TV, then it will go in standby mode.

  • Now, on your smartphone screen or any other device from which you are controlling the media content, choose the icon of the Chromecast


  • Tap on Stop Casting/Disconnect


This should turn off your Chromecast, and you can now unplug it from your TV.

How to Turn off Google Chromecast Remote Notifications?

You can also turn off the remote notifications of your Google Chromecast device. This is helpful when you have more users on the same network and don’t want them to intermediate or take over your casting device. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Turn off Chromecast notifications:

  1. Go to the settings of the Chromecast app on your device
  2. Click on the ‘Devices’ option
  3. Now, check the devices listed in the section
  4. Click on the ‘Menu’ button for the devices
  5. Unmark/Switch off the option of ‘Lets others control your casted media.’

let others control your casted media

You can also stop/start the Chromecast notifications on your own device. For this, go to settings of your system, tap on ‘Google’ in the ‘Personal’ section, and click on ‘Cast Media Controls’ option. Disable/enable that option to stop/start the notification on your system.

Do you really need to disable/turn off the Chromecast?

Well, not always I think. If you are going for a vacation and will not coming back at home for a few days, then it will be good to turn off the device. If you go out and don’t want other people to use your miracast, then also you can disable it. Though the Google Chromecast only consumes a slight amount of power in a standby mode, if you are on a strive to save your energy costs, then you should turn the device off.

Let me know your thoughts on this article. Also, if you know any other quick & straightforward method to turn off the Google Chromecast, then spread your words with the world here. Hit the comment section below.

Enjoy Streaming!

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