Does Chromecast support 5GHz – Chromecast configuration guide

Does Chromecast support 5GHz

Chromecast is one of the most handy creations from Google. You can plug it into any monitor or television and watch your favorite shows, sports, etc. on the big screen. This unique device forms a connection between your phone and the TV or monitor to help you stream anything you want. The best part about it is that you don’t need any subscriptions. It’s a one-time buy with a lifetime of benefits.

How does the Chromecast work?

Just plug it into your TV and download the Chromecast app on your phone. Without the Internet, you can use it to mirror the screen of your phone. With Wi-Fi, you can connect the Chromecast wirelessly and stream anything you want without problems. This is because it uses multiple apps that need the Internet to be active.

Does Chromecast support 5 GHz?

The answer for this depends on which generation of Chromecast you have. The first generation range does not support 5 GHz. But the second and third generation devices support it without any issues. The reason why you should choose 5 GHz when possible is that it streams 4K reliably. It may have a weaker signal but the output is great.

Another point to remember here is that your router should be dual-band. Otherwise, regardless of the device, you will not be able to connect it to 5 GHz.

How to setup 5 GHz on Chromecast 

If you are unable to figure out how to set your Chromecast to 5 GHz, this section will come in handy. Below are the steps you should follow:

  • Download the official Chromecast app on your phone.
  • Connect your Chromecast to your TV through the HDMI port.
  • Connect the micro-USB to your Chromecast.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on.
  • Open the app and then choose Set Up.
  • You will see a code appear on the phone. On your TV, choose I see the code.
  • Now, you will see options to connect your Chromecast to the Wi-Fi.
  • At this point you should choose 5 GHz

People also ask

1) Can you use Chromecast without Internet?

Yes, but you can only mirror your phone’s screen.

2) Why can’t I communicate with my Chromecast?

Switch it off for a minute and then switch it back on. This usually helps.

3) Why isn’t Netflix picking up my Chromecast?

It could be a glitch. Reboot your device and try again.

4) What Wi-Fi does Chromecast use?

Chromecast generation 1 uses 2.4 GHz while Chromecast generations 2 and 3 use both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

5) How do you stop Chromecast?

Open the app and choose Stop Casting.


It won’t take more than a few minutes to set 5 GHz up on your Chromecast. It is a much better option for 4k streaming. Follow the steps mentioned here and you will be sorted! If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be happy to help you further.

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