Can you use Chromecast on Multiple TVs – Cast to Multiple Devices

Chromecast on multiple TVs

Who knew that a tiny device that looks like a large USB would change the way we stream videos?
Like always, Google came up with another masterpiece called Chromecast a few years ago. Of
course, we started off with some skepticism but oh boy, did we end up loving it!

Today, the Google Chromecast is an essential gadget. It has become a household object mainly due
to its portability and ease of use. While many of us just use it to plug and play, how many of us can
say that we use it to its potential? For example, have you ever tried casting to multiple devices? If
you are reading this, maybe you thought about it and are wondering whether it is possible. Let’s find
the answers now!

Can you use Chromecast on Multiple TVs?

Yes, you can! This is a lesser known but extremely useful feature of the Chromecast. It is almost a
hidden fact, but it is super easy to execute. In this article, we shall explore the different ways to cast
2 TVs and multiple TVs using the charming Google Chromecast.

How to cast to 2 TVs at the same time?

The steps are very simple. Please go through them and follow them carefully:

  • Open Google Chrome and download two extensions – Google Cast and Google Cast (Beta).
  • You will see two casting icons, one for each extension.
  • Now, open the web page that you want to cast.
  • Select the first TV you want to cast it to.
  • Now, open a new Window or Tab in Chrome and open the web page that you want to cast
    on the second TV.
  • Click on the second cast button (it should not be blue).
  • Casting should begin now!

How to cast to multiple Chromecast devices?

The following process will help you cast to 4 Chromecast devices at the same time.

  • Open your Google Chrome browser and follow the instructions mentioned above.
  • Navigate to the top right, and you will see the Username of the account you are currently
    logged in to.
  • Click on it and choose Switch Person.
  • A new window will pop up. Here, choose Add Person.
  • Use a second Google account to log in. You can create a new one if you don’t have a
    secondary email account.
  • Once logged in, you will see two Chrome windows, each logged in with a different
  • In the new window, install both the extensions we mentioned earlier – Google Cast and
    Google Cast (Beta).
  • Following the same method, you can cast to 4 Chromecast devices.

Didn’t we tell you this was easy? Your devices will be up and running within no time! Go on, give it a
shot, and tell us your experience. If you have any doubts, feel free to Comment. We are always
happy to help our fellow streaming enthusiasts.

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