Best Lights for Streaming – Choose the Right Light for YouTube Videos

Best Lights for Streaming

If you are just starting out with the live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Musical, or any other platform, then it is necessary that your videos are properly lit. For this, you need a right lighting solution.

But, the problem is that there are so many options available which can confuse you for picking up the best streaming lights, especially if your purchasing for the first time. So, I have spent a lot of time to make your task easier for picking up the right lighting setup for streaming. Check the products below and I am confident that you will not need to go elsewhere.

Best Lights for Streaming

1) NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Panel Lights for Streaming

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Ultra High Power Panel Lights for Streaming

The first on my list is the NEEWER CN-160 dimmable LED light panel. It is the most popular mounted camera light available online. The lightweight and durable construction of this unit makes it extremely portable. It is perfect for making and streaming live videos on YouTube, Twitch, FaceBook, etc. platforms.

Specifications & Features of NEEWER CN-160 Panel Lights are:

  • This panel consists of 160 LEDs with two included filters for diffuse effect, spotlight effect, and reducing the color temperature.
  • You can even change the intensity of the light for a professional video or photo shoot.
  • It has 9.6W maximum power and requires six AA batteries for operating.
  • It comes with an on/off switch to change the brightness level according to the outside lighting.
  • You can use this light with Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Canon, Pentax, and Olympus digital cameras.
  • The high-quality LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 50000 hours.
  • The included battery adapter allows you to use the compatible rechargeable batteries from Sony and Panasonic for an optimum performance.
  • It has illumination levels of 40lux, 70lux, 120lux, 240lux, and 900lux & a color temperature of 5600K and 3200K with a filter.


2) UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder Stand for Live Stream

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder Stand

The UBeesize ring light will help you to take stunning selfie pictures as well as to record perfect videos for streaming online. This professional tool will provide efficient lighting effect even in the darkest environment. The included cellphone stand is compatible with both the iPhone and Android mobiles which makes it a favorable product for the video streamers.

Features and Specifications of UBeesize Selfie Light for YouTube Video Streaming are: 

  • It helps to create professional videos not only for YouTube, but also for Twitch, Snapchat, Twitter, FaceBook,, and other platforms.
  • It comes with a 24” sturdy gooseneck arm which you can bend in any shape for a convenient use.
  • You can adjust it to face downwards, landscape or portrait mode with 360-degree rotating bracket clip to make your hands free at the time of live streaming, broadcasting, and taking photos or videos.
  • It has 24 LED (12 warms, 12 cold) and power source of 12V.
  • You can choose from the three light colors including white, yellow, and blend, and from the ten levels of brightness as per your needs.
  • It has an easy & quick operation with on/off switch and light adjusting button.
  • It is a USB powered streaming light which does not require a battery for operating. Just plug it in your any USB device and start recording your videos.
  • There are four color options available for this unit.


3) Diva Ring Light Super Nova Professional Studio Lighting Kit

Diva Ring Light Super Nova Professional Studio Lighting Kit

If you want a serious consideration through your videos, then the quality of the video footage is not the only thing you need. You also should have a good lighting setup. The Diva Ring Light will help you to shoot excellent video and image quality for making excellent footages.

Features and Specifications of Diva Ring Light Professional Kit Lighting for Twitch Streaming:

  • It has a unique ring light shape which renders stunning catchlights in the subject eyes and makes them look sparkling.
  • The 5400K temperature fluorescent bulb can be dimmed to 20% of the full power for reducing the shadow effect for a controlled look.
  • The soft and even lighting offers an ideal setup for a true-to-color radiance.
  • It comes with a light stand kit and a z-bracket attachment to allow you to use multiple setup options depending on your needs.
  • You will get a one-year warranty from the company.
  • It is ideal for video streaming on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms.


4) Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light for Makeup and Streaming

Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light for Makeup and Streaming

If you are a vlogger who regularly posts videos on YouTube, then this Neewer LED ring light is a perfect lighting option for you. It comes with multiple size options, useful accessories, and an excellent price tag. It is not only ideal for streaming videos but also works amazing for the makeup conventions.

Specifications and Features of Neewer RL-12 LED Light for Streaming are:

  • This light has 240 pieces of 5500K 55W bulbs with a dimming range from 1% to 100%.
  • Its lightweight and portable design make it ideal for carrying anywhere during travel and making videos at remote places.
  • The included hot shoe adapter supports almost all the cameras and smartphone models.
  • The aluminum constructed light stand gives strength to the lighting setup and the soft tube allows you to rotate the light freely in any position for a perfect shooting.
  • You can choose from the five different sizes and styles of this Neewer LED light.
  • This package includes one 14-inch outer diameter 5500K LED light, one 61-inch/155-cm light stand, one tripod head hot shoe adapter, one universal adapter (US/EU plug), one soft tube, one white & color filter set, and one smartphone holder.
  • You will get a 12-month warranty for this product from Neewer.


5) CRAPHY Photography Video Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit 

CRAPHY Photography Video Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit Equipment

The CRAPHY photography softbox kit helps you to create a perfect ambiance for a photo or video shooting. It has a high-quality reflector material with a detachable curtain to help to create the setup anywhere for your work. If you are a YouTube blogger or a product advertiser or a fashion shooting artist, then this lighting kit is ideal for you.

Features and Specifications of CRAPHY Shooting Lighting Kit for Video Streaming are:

  • This upgraded version is like an umbrella that you can open from the back or front to have a convenient operation.
  • It comes with 5500K balanced fluorescent floodlights that help to save the energy of up to 80% compared to other streaming lights and has an operating life of more than 10000 hours.
  • The lightweight stand is made from the aluminum alloy material which gives extra strength to the equipment and makes it more durable.
  • The included backdrop made from 100% pure cotton is ideal for any type of photography or videography like portrait, costume, large, etc.
  • You can select from the three different styles of this light kit.
  • It is ideal for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging platforms.
  • You will get two 125W 5500K soft white bulbs, two softboxes each with an E27 bulb holder, two 80” tall studio high light stands, one 10 feet by 6.5 feet backdrop support system, three green/white/black muslin backdrops, and one carrying bag in this kit.


6) DAHAI Ring Light with Sturdy Stand for Live Stream 

DAHAI Ring Light with Sturdy Stand for Live Stream on YouTube

The DAHAI ring light is perfect for live broadcast, live streaming, video chatting, vlogging, photography, and many other tasks. If you post regularly on YouTube or Twitch, then this lighting setup can be a worthy option for you.

Specifications and Features of DAHAI Ring Light for Streaming on YouTube are:

  • It comes with three light colors and nine levels of brightness adjustments to make the perfect settings according to your needs.
  • The three light modes of cold, warm, and mixed light improves the quality of shooting in any condition.
  • You can clamp the mobile phone holder and the gooseneck hose on your bed, table, or any surface to free your hands while capturing the video.
  • It includes a five-switch control panel which gives an easy on/off the operation as well as brightness & color choices.
  • You can power it up through a USB supply from your computer, power bank, or a recharger.
  • The company provides a 12-month warranty on this product.


7) MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Lighting Kit for Streaming

MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Lighting Kit

The professional photo and video lighting kit from MOUNTDOG is an ideal lighting option for the video streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook,, etc.

Features & Specifications of MOUNTDOG Continuous Streaming Light for Twitch are:

  • Along with three light bulb, you will get one extra bulb for the replacement. The bulb has a power of 1350W which gives a good lighting effect on any setup.
  • It comes with an adjustable stand which you can extend up to 80” and collapse up to  27.5” for getting different angles.
  • The included softbox can be adjusted up to 210-degree for achieving great lighting effects.
  • This kit includes a carrying bag which will help you to take this lighting setup anywhere you go with convenience.
  • You will get a one-year warranty from the company.



I have included the top streaming lights for twitch, YouTube, and other vlogging platforms. Depending on the type of video shooting you do and the amount of your budget, you can pick up the most suitable lighting setup from the above list. Whether you do the shooting in a room or in the external environment, these high-quality lighting setups will help you to get enough & controlled lighting for the best shoot.

Good Luck!

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